Google Classroom Follow Up

At semester's beginning, I introduced Google Classroom to my students. I was looking for a platform to be able to track assignments, post notes and give feedback. Google Classroom allows me to do all that, and they have a handy mobile app that I love! We encountered a few learning curves. The mobile site is … Continue reading Google Classroom Follow Up


My Contributions 

"How have you contributed to the learning of others?" That is a very good question. It has been a long semester filled with ups and downs, indecision and a rather hectic schedule for me. I will say that this is my weakest link. When my life got busy, my responses and comments got pushed to … Continue reading My Contributions 

Playing with Scratch

// I decided to play around with Scratch today! I had fun making the unicorn jump around using the arrow keys. It took some getting used to, knowing what I wanted the unicorn to do but not knowing the exact terminology. It definitely took some tweaking! I think coding is an important 21st Century skill … Continue reading Playing with Scratch