Adventures of ECMP 355 (Summary of Learning)

I'm not sure one post or one video can explain all that I've learned this semester, but I worked with Brooke Stewart on creating a video or two where we tried to fully summarize what we have learned on this journey that is ECMP 355! Rural internet limitations means that we had to break up … Continue reading Adventures of ECMP 355 (Summary of Learning)


Engraving Vocabulary

My tools are set to arrive sometime this week, but I thought I would cover some key terms in the hand engraving game. When I began researching how to hand engrave, I encountered a few forum posts that really helped me understand what I needed for tools and set up, but I didn't really understand … Continue reading Engraving Vocabulary

Personal Learning Project: the Beginning

As a part of my ECMP 355 course (Computers in Education), I am to engage in a personal learning project this semester. It was difficult for me to choose a subject! There are so many things I want to learn, but I wanted a skill or hobby that I've never tried before As my husband … Continue reading Personal Learning Project: the Beginning