How to Write an Essay

Basic 5 paragraph essay format 
  1. Tell them what you’re going to tell them (introduction with a thesis)
  2. Tell them (Body paragraph)
  3. Tell them (Body paragraph)
  4. Tell them (Body paragraph)
  5. Tell them what you’ve told them (Conclusion)

Outline for 5 Paragraph Essay

Sample Paragraph Essay Outline Great picture of what your essay should look like

SPRITEE Essay writing skills- for social studies and history essays
How does your essay subject affect the following categories?
Social (Society, role of women/children, marriage, social mobility, stratification)
Political (wars, government, political parties, revolutions/revolts)
Religious (Change, theocracy, division/schism, persecution)
Intellectual (thoughts, philosophy, thinkers)
Technology (new inventions, change, development)
Education (structure, change, access)
Economy (money, trade, business, etc)