Social Studies 

Intro to Historical Thinking– From Stanford. Think of it as “reading like a historian” Also has American and World History lesson plans!

The History 2.o Classroom– Has some good ideas on integrating technology in a Social Studies classroom.

History Tech– Also has some great ideas on integrating technology in a Social Studies classroom. Author is also very active on Twitter. Sister webpage is Social Studies Central

DocsTeach– From the National Archives. An online tool for teaching with documents, has lots of primary source based lessons.

Internet History Sourcebook– From Fordham University. Has sources for ancient, medieval, modern and sources for a comparative approach.– Just full of resources to check out!

Project MUSE– Humanities and Social Science sources

PBS the American Experience

Digital History

History Place

Century of Progress

Smithsonian’s History Explorer

Beyond the Bubble History Assessments

Digital Toolbox (stuff you can use in your classroom)

Digital Storytelling

Build with Chrome


Ed Puzzle


Technology in the classroom

High Tech High

The Tech Edvocate

Learning Innovation

Tammy’s Technology Tips

Yes Tech!

On an e-Journey with Generation Y

Assorted Stuff. 

Educational Technology Guy

Ask a Tech Teacher

Instructional Tech Talk

TechNotes Blog

Educator Blogs

World History Teachers Blog

C3 Teachers

Improving Teaching


Khan Academy

Faculty Focus

National Endowment for the Humanities 

Thing Link

Zinn Ed Project

Mindset Online

Imaginative Inquiry



Digital Citizenship Education in Saskatchewan


Saskatchewan Teachers’ Association

The Alberta Teachers’ Association

Montana OPI

Center for Research on Teaching and Learning

Professional Development

Develop a Professional Learning Plan

Develop a Professional Growth Plan

Writing a Teaching Philosophy



Tech Edvocate’s 50 must read


History and Social Studies websites

Chinese History