Learning Project Summary

When this semester began and I learned that I had to work on a "learning project," I was doubtful. I figured it would be a drain on my time and that I would hate it. I was wrong. I enjoyed learning about engraving and I'd love to learn more about it. There are three day … Continue reading Learning Project Summary


Wiggle Engraving

So I decided to play around with wriggle engraving the other week. I'm so sorry that I'm a few weeks behind, between calving season and subbing I've had a pretty full schedule! I saw this engraved trumpet while on a google search adventure and I absolutely loved this design! I had to try something like … Continue reading Wiggle Engraving

Learning Project Inspiration and Goal Setting

The last few weeks have not been productive for me, between traveling with my husband and some health issues that keep me from being 100%.  I've been losing my "giddy up and go," especially in regards to my learning project. Ironically, inspiration and focus was restored in the least likely of places- Facebook. Unbelievable, I … Continue reading Learning Project Inspiration and Goal Setting