Googling Our Way to the Truth?

You ask students to research a topic, the googling seems to being going well and the students seem to be finding a bunch of information. You receive their handwritten reports and discover that the students still hold lots of misconceptions about the topic. What happened? Odds are, they don't know how to effectively evaluate websites … Continue reading Googling Our Way to the Truth?


Adventures of ECMP 355 (Summary of Learning)

I'm not sure one post or one video can explain all that I've learned this semester, but I worked with Brooke Stewart on creating a video or two where we tried to fully summarize what we have learned on this journey that is ECMP 355! Rural internet limitations means that we had to break up … Continue reading Adventures of ECMP 355 (Summary of Learning)

Playing with Scratch

// I decided to play around with Scratch today! I had fun making the unicorn jump around using the arrow keys. It took some getting used to, knowing what I wanted the unicorn to do but not knowing the exact terminology. It definitely took some tweaking! I think coding is an important 21st Century skill … Continue reading Playing with Scratch