Debate Smashup Response

Hey guys, I decided to do a video for my response to this debate. I hope you enjoy!


Googling Our Way to the Truth?

You ask students to research a topic, the googling seems to being going well and the students seem to be finding a bunch of information. You receive their handwritten reports and discover that the students still hold lots of misconceptions about the topic. What happened? Odds are, they don't know how to effectively evaluate websites … Continue reading Googling Our Way to the Truth?

Does Technology Enhance Learning?

Yes. No. Maybe? It is a complicated question, with a complicated answer. There are no shortcuts to being an effective teacher, and according to this article, "technology at best only amplifies the pedagogical capacity of educational systems." School can be effective without technology. Shocking, right?! A good quality education hinges on solid pedagogical practices and … Continue reading Does Technology Enhance Learning?

Is Technology Making Us Unhealthy?

The first thing I thought when I read this question was the following image from WALL-E. GIPHY Technology use creates people who are more sedentary who sleep less. According to Digital Technology Can Be Harmful to Your Health people used to sleep about 8 1/2 hours per night, but with people using their devices … Continue reading Is Technology Making Us Unhealthy?