Writing the Self Analysis: Gender

i The normative narrative that I chose to pursue is one that I’ve struggled with for most of my life. The narrative is that women are supposed to look a certain way, and this in turn affects how they should behave. This narrative is seen in my post, What’s Wrong with Pink? where a classmate … Continue reading Writing the Self Analysis: Gender

Writing the Self #3: What’s Wrong with Pink?

As I walked down the hallway, shuffling through the too-warm bodies of students just out of gym class, side passing boys covered in sawdust from shop class, and holding my breath through the clouds of perfume that seemed to follow certain girls; I heard a commotion of raucous laughter and the displeased voice of our … Continue reading Writing the Self #3: What’s Wrong with Pink?

Reading Response (October 3)

  In an ideal Canada, we would all consider ourselves as “Treaty people.” The treaties signed in the past of this country impact all of us in some way. The impact of those treaties are still very much felt to this day. Not every person in Canada considers themselves as a Treaty person. They either … Continue reading Reading Response (October 3)