For the semester, I had the privilege to mentor four outstanding students from the #EDTC300 class. I truly enjoyed following Danna, Madi, Sydney, and Conor on their ed tech journey. I loved watching their growth, but it was hard for me to keep track of their individual learning projects (first year teacher problems- I can hardly remember my own name!). I also found that it was hard for me to turn off my “high school teacher” mode when commenting on their posts. So, I’m very sorry mentees if I came off as “that” person!

unsplash-logoToa Heftiba

I found that my group of mentees are thoughtful and dedicated learners and I am so excited to continue following their growth as educators and lifelong learners.

Thoughts on my own learning

As I attempted to mentor my #EDTC300 peeps, I came to a few conclusions:

  1. I don’t think I would excel at teaching an online course. I thrive on face-to-face interaction and I struggled to connect with my mentees as I only interacted with them via a computer or phone screen.
  2. I also have difficulties absorbing information via screen time. I am a very tactile person and so gaining information via the internet is very difficult for me. I have to read things several times to fully absorb that information. I believe that is the reason why I had trouble connecting with my mentees. Their videos helped (even if it was just a voice over from Screencastify.)
  3. Mentoring is a tough job. Everyone learns differently and has different strengths. What works for one mentee (or student!) does not necessarily work for the next one. To be an effective teacher (life goals), I must be aware of those strengths and teach to those strengths while encouraging growth in my classroom.

Mentoring Log

Here is the link to my mentoring log. Thoughts for the next time I have to fill out one of these- DON’T PROCRASTINATE! I think I have everything listed, I hope I have everything listed (fingers crossed)

I’d like to thank everyone for such a great semester! I wish everyone the best on their life journey and I hope to watch everyone’s journeys!

Never stop learning!



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