Do We Really Need to Unplug?

My short answer- no. My long answer- it depends. It depends? You may ask, and my answer will be it depends on how you use it and having the discipline to be able to leave the phone in your pocket. 

I know, it isn’t really an answer but I feel like the decision to unplug is a personal one hinging on how technology and its use affect your life.

I recently read Can’t Get Away From It All? The Problem Isn’t Technology — It’s You (thanks, Noah for the article) and I found that I agree with a lot that Mat Honan says in the article. Basically, instead of posting that “taking a break from technology” post on our social media (I just saw one this morning), we need to discipline ourselves to live with technology. For me, this is not grabbing the phone when it buzzes in my pocket or checking my social media accounts every hour or whenever I am bored.

Living in the middle of nowhere has helped me prioritize my life over screen time 

Technology isn’t going away, and it does have its benefits (as well as its downsides)- it is all in the how technology is used.

But, how do we “get away”?

Personally, I go for walks or horseback rides and turn my phone on to “do not disturb” that way I have it in case of emergency (I live in the middle of nowhere), but I don’t notice the notifications. I create my own solitude (a recommendation from Mat Honan) and I am also taking in the world around me- I live in a beautiful place and I have come to appreciate that beauty without looking through the camera lens of a phone.

My backyard

When your phone buzzes, ask yourself- “would I rather text that person back, or do I want to appreciate the moment that I’m living now?”


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