Google Classroom Follow Up

At semester’s beginning, I introduced Google Classroom to my students. I was looking for a platform to be able to track assignments, post notes and give feedback. Google Classroom allows me to do all that, and they have a handy mobile app that I love!

We encountered a few learning curves. The mobile site is a bit hard to navigate for smaller screens (for those students who don’t have the app). It is difficult to turn things in on a smaller device without the app. A few of my students can comment on the assignment but not turn in their work on their phones. We have modified by sharing the link to their Google doc in the comments, and I’m still able to give them a grade that way.

Students also kept typing in the address bar and would get lost. But I feel we have moved beyond that.

On my side of things, the assignment default is out of 100 points and there is no way to change it (that I can tell, anyway) until I’ve posted the assignment. I’ve had a few students see “100 points” and have a few moments of panic, until I changed it to “45” or “30” points.

On a positive note, you can reuse assignments, post announcements, organize course materials, post notes or the slide deck from class, and assignment sheets in case a student loses theirs or was absent. I love how I can see instantly who turned in a specific assignment, and who didn’t.

My students have given me feedback such as “I like Classroom, I can check on my assignments, see feedback, and write assignments on my phone instead of being stuck at a computer.” And, “I like how I can’t lose my assignment sheet, because a copy is on the Classroom.” I have also received feedback from students about the app notifications. I’m told they’re handy, especially if they forgot about an assignment.

Overall, I’m really enjoying Classroom and will continue to use it in my classes! I love the simple integration with Drive, and how user friendly it is overall!

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