Equity and Technology

Last night I participated in a debate with Doug Song  on whether or not technology is a force for equity in society. It was a great debate, but I think Doug won! He certainly provided many valid points, like the lack of broadband access in rural areas and the fact that technology alone does not level the playing field. Despite obstacles such as access, I still believe that technology can create a more equitable learning environment within our classrooms.

First of all, technology is here to stay and I believe we need to equip our students to utilize technology efficiently and responsibly. Some ways this can be utilized in the classroom is for students to build a positive digital footprint, learn to evaluate real news from fake, and be kind from behind the screen. We live in an age where employers often Google potential candidates and what one does online has an impact on RL, and so I believe that a positive digital footprint is a must.

Technology can provide tools to adapt instruction and make your classroom more equitable. If a student struggles with organization, then I’d suggest a Rocketbook or Microsoft Office Lens. With tools like that, the student can focus more on learning the content instead of worrying about misplacing notes or homework. If students have limited motor skills, a speech-to-text extension or app might improve their writing without the interference of a third person or scribe.

Photo Credit: omirou56 Flickr via Compfight cc

Not only does technology have the power to adapt instruction, but it also can be beneficial to teachers for professional development. Twitter is a fountain of knowledge for teachers searching for a professional learning network, and there are professional development opportunities via webinar or online course. This can save both time and money- cutting down on transportation costs and time away from school.

Overall, I firmly believe that technology has the opportunity to supplement- not replace, solid pedagogy and quality instruction that allows the teacher to cater to students’ abilities and needs effectively and efficiently.


3 thoughts on “Equity and Technology

  1. Hey Robbi,
    You delivered an awesome debate this week! You made a lot of good points but one thing that really stood out to me with your side of the debate was with your experience in a small town and small school. I think that it is a perfect example as to how technology can create equity in society. In this case, the use of technology helps to make the students in smaller towns and schools have the same opportunity as other students. Of course, there is never going to be a perfect solution and like we talked about some schools may not be able to provide the proper resources. Great post!


  2. You definitely did a great job arguing the agreed side of this debate, Robbi! It was really interesting to see this side of the debate from more of the personal side of the argument and ideas that were very relatable to us as teachers. I have seen this equity in real life with my own schooling. I was a part of a calculus class online in grade 12 which was only available because of technology. I definitely can see how this equality is important and continues to grow as we learn to properly use it! I also could not agree more with the statement; it should supplement and not take-over our teaching, which is so very true!
    Great post and even better debate!


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