Learning Project Inspiration and Goal Setting

The last few weeks have not been productive for me, between traveling with my husband and some health issues that keep me from being 100%. 

I’ve been losing my “giddy up and go,” especially in regards to my learning project. Ironically, inspiration and focus was restored in the least likely of places- Facebook. Unbelievable, I know. Facebook is like a black hole of slackernesss and the death of all productivity. I was scrolling through my newsfeed and these beautiful pieces of art popped up. 

Photo credit: Usher Brand Facebook page.

I really want to engrave a set of stirrups. I want to personalize them and make them me. 

They are giving me motivation to get my butt in gear, practice lots so I can create something beautiful and useful. 

Usher Brand stirrups.

Obviously mine won’t be so elaborate, I can’t set stones yet. But I can engrave a beautiful pattern, or I can work towards that goal. I’m a goal oriented person and lately, I haven’t set any. I’ve also realized that I haven’t set any for my learning project, ever. 

This I need to address. Immediately. 

More prettiness from Usher Brand

This made me think about my future students, maybe some of them are goal driven personalities. I’d love to research how goal setting affects academic outcomes in the classroom. Maybe I will research that… after I practice my engraving!

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