Inspector Gidget

This week I took on the role of cybersleuth, or in my own terms,”Facebook creeper” as I partnered up with Skylar Jack for the blog post assignment. Before this assignment I considered myself an expert-level Facebook creeper, all skills learned in college when I would “creep” on potential boyfriends, or when I would check out the Facebook profiles of the new additions to the rodeo team every Fall. But Skylar has stumped me. She is hard to find on Facebook! Skylar even provided me with her married and maiden names (told me which she used on Facebook) and still I could not find her on that account!inspector_gadget_thinking

I did manage to find her blog and Twitter thanks to the Voices of ECMP 355 blog hub! Her blog  tells a little about herself, she is married and has a son, she is in her last year in the Indigenous Elementary Education program at the First Nations University of Canada and she lives in her home community where she has adjusted to living away from the city.

I was so excited to see that we have something in common; she talks about her husband taking care of his dad’s horses! She is also tackling piano as her learning project and I am excited to hear her progress with it.

Overall, it was difficult to find out a whole lot about Skylar. That’s okay, she does have an online presence, but she chooses what she shares and when, to with whom she shares (since I couldn’t arbitrarily search for her and find out oodles of information). It is important that we take ownership of our digital identity and control what information is out there.

Overall, it depends on how much a person shares online as to how much you can learn about them. I will use myself as an example, in one way or another I’ve been active online since my early years in high school. I can admit that I’ve posted a lot (for me, anyway-I’m sure there are people that have posted way more).

Another thing I’ve discovered is that it is difficult to filter searches with fairly “common” names, or if the person shares a name with someone who is very active. I’ve discovered I am not the only Robbi Keller out there on the internet! There is another Robbi Keller who is a vocal artist and voice coach. Please do not confuse that person with me and ask me to sing, I might hurt your eardrums!

Searching “Robbi Keller” on Google and DuckDuckGo comes up with a page of people who are not me (ok, on Google, I am listed on the bottom of page one with posts from Google Plus). Searching “Robbi Nace Keller” on DuckDuckGo brings up brings up my Twitter, my old Blogger account, my Instagram account, my mother’s obituary and my “other” blog where I post about barrel racing, horses and rodeo.

I have discovered a few things about myself that I had forgotten: an old Photobucket account with pictures from my senior year in high school, and and old blog from “way back when,” and though I find some images embarrassing (like an old picture of an ex boyfriend from high school with hearts), I do not see anything negative about them. It is a reminder that things don’t just “go away,” they are there to stay. I think it is a comic reminder to watch what you post and to control privacy settings on your accounts.

Photo credits:

“Inspector Gadget Thinking” from the Inspector Gadget Wikia


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