News Flash and Google Books

I found a great source today. I was browsing the engraving forum when I stumbled upon a post of Techniques and Resources that are an inexpensive way to give it a try. 

One of those links (I haven’t checked all of them out yet!) was a book on Google Books about drawing acanthus leaves (what the heck is that?! See my post about engraving terms if you just asked that!). According to the author of the post this book is a “must Havel for drawing scrolls and acanthus leaves. 

I downloaded it. 

I discovered it was published in 1896. Years language reflects that. There is a bit of a learning curve on reading what the author is saying and taking directions from it. 

The example the book gave and what I ended up with based on the written directions

This is going to take some time. Time that I have since I forgot to order a vise to hold my engraving projects. 

At least I’m learning something while I wait?

This reminds me that we all have different learning styles. No two students learn exactly the same way and we need to acknowledge that while teaching. 

We also need to help our students when they are struggling. They need encouragement and the tools to keep going and trying even when the task is difficult. 

What roadblocks has anyone else encountered for their learning projects? 


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