Kindness, Yes

I don’t know if it is the wintertime blues, the political negativity that I’ve been encountering on social media, or if something really is in the air, but I’ve noticed a lot of unkindness lately. I’m not just talking about my personal life and the trolls on social media, but also with my students. It makes me sad. 

Where do I go from here?

Just because I’m “just a sub” does not mean I won’t help my students learn the skill of kindness. Wait, kindness is a skill?  Yes, yes it is. We can all stand to be more kind in our daily interactions and we can all stand for a more positive outlook in our lives. 

Here’s one radical idea: I can teach by example. Since I don’t interact with the students everyday, I cannot implement a program to teach the skill, but I can serve as an example. Like it or not, we are role models and students may base their behaviour based on our actions. Let’s teach them well. 


One thought on “Kindness, Yes

  1. Hi Robbi!
    I think that you make a powerful statement when you say how we can lead by example! This was a great reminder that teachers do impact students in really significant ways. We can teach, read books, tell stories, give examples, practice, and have class discussions on kindness. But, if we are not leading by example then it all becomes pointless. Actions go a long way! Thanks for the post! I hope you are enjoying your subbing!


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