Who am I?

Who am I?hat

I struggle to really know myself as my identity seems to vary depending on the hat I am wearing. I seem to wear many hats these days. I am a teacher, a barrel racer, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a Christian, a resident of a small town in southern Saskatchewan, a ranch hand, and a student, among other things.

Mostly, I juggle between two personalities online: on Instagram and Facebook I wear one hat, and on Twitter I wear another. On Instagram, I am a rodeo competitor, Jellybean’s paparazzi (Jellybean is my barrel horse), and a tea enthusiast. On Twitter, I am a teacher and a barrel racer, I barely posted on Twitter before this class, but it was mainly about barrel racing topics. I am now a follower of mainly educational blogs and profiles.

Jellybean thinks she is a celebrity since she has her own personal paparazzi. Photo courtesy of Country Monkey Photography
Thanks to this dichotomy, I have two blogs and sometimes it feels like I have two lives, but I am one person with a few different hats. I own three horses: Buzz (who I share with my husband), Jellybean (she’s my best friend!), and Belle (she’s the baby, she’ll be two in April). I grew up in Pennsylvania, moved to Montana after graduation (my family lives in Montana), and now I live in Killdeer, Saskatchewan(the middle of nowhere, and I love it!). My closest friends are fellow barrel racers, and they are scattered all over the U.S. & Canada. I enjoy reading, crafting (sewing and leather work, mainly) and helping out on the ranch.

My teacher hat includes two degrees from Montana State University (Social Studies Broadfield with a teaching minor of government and a degree in History). I enjoy teaching history and political science, mainly to high school students but I am starting to enjoy interacting with the middle years students too. Subbing has helped me expand my teaching horizons on my own terms while giving me some valuable classroom experience (my principal called me a veteran today!). I do eventually want to teach full-time, but I am enjoying this stage in my career while taking classes for certification.

While I was attending Montana State, I took a class titled Educational Technology (EDU 370). For the class I had to create a digital learning portfolio and it is still up and running! During the course I had to participate in an after-school program and teach elementary students about computers. It was a fulfilling activity and I learned a lot! I enjoyed integrating some of the things learned in that class during my internship and I plan on taking what I learned and implementing it in my own classroom.

I did attempt to blog during my internship, but I did not have a whole lot of time while student teaching and after graduation, I stopped blogging about history and teaching. I do have a (non class-mandated) blog about barrel racing that I share with one of my friends and fellow competitor. I enjoy writing about topics that interest me and I plan on continuing my teacher blog now that I’ve set it up. Hopefully I can establish a groove and stick with it!

In addition to a blog, during my internship I used a google site to help my students stay up to date on what was going on in class. I uploaded worksheets and maintained a calendar so my students who missed class could get their homework and see what we learned that day. I also had a page of resources that I am currently bringing over to this blog. They are disorganized so it is taking time to put them into categories and make sure the links work. I really liked having a teacher website and I feel it helped my students stay on top of classwork and it helped the parents feel involved- they knew what was going on in my classroom and how to contact me. 31423840296_1bebc414db_m

Blogging presents great opportunities to learn more about topics that intrigue me and formulate my own ideas. It also can lead to great learning conversations with other people interested in the same topic. It is a great learning tool and I hope to keep blogging throughout my teaching career, I just have to make time to blog!

Until next time, keep learning!



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